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Family Session

It was such a joy to photograph the Bencoe family! Their early morning spring session at Elena Gallegos Open Space was so much fun. This easily accessible park and picnic area has so many options for Albuquerque family photography. From mountain views to desert landscapes, it’s well worth the three dollar entry fee. We were a little nervous when some rain arrived just as they pulled into the parking lot. Thankfully, in true Albuquerque fashion, it was over in just a few minutes. The sun even came out before the end of our time together and it turned out to be a beautiful morning in the foothills. 

Elena Gallegos Open Space Family Portraits

I loved watching Shelbi and Alex interact with their sweet kiddos. Jay was hard to please – honestly, I’ve never met a more serious baby! – but Ella loved the camera. Whether it was flying with her dad, twirling with her mom, snuggling her brother, or running to give big hugs to her whole family, she was just adorable. Her little floral dress perfectly complemented the blues and purples that the rest of the family was wearing. Not to be outdone, serious baby Jay looked perfect in his little button up shirt and baby mohawk. 

We had the pleasure of meeting the Bencoes shortly after we moved to Albuquerque. Some mutual friends — Hi Rob and Sarah! 🙂 — made the introduction at our first Ballon Fiesta. We’ve enjoyed getting to know them over the last couple of years and look forward to more holidays and park dates together before the Air Force sends us elsewhere. Thank you, Shelbi and Alex, for your friendship and for trusting me to capture these memories for your family!

Please enjoy some of my favorite images from their session and feel free to reach out if you’re looking for an Albuquerque family photography session!

Full family of smiles, baby boy found a rock.Smiley family sitting together on a trail at Elena Gallegos Open Space. Smiling little guy in dad's arms.Little girl running to her family group hug.Family group hug on the trail.Family group hug on the trail. Little girl running to her family group hug.Family group hug on the trail. Family walking together, all holding hands. Little boy learning to walk with his family. Smiley family sitting together on a trail at Elena Gallegos Open Space. Smiley family sitting together for this Albuquerque family photography session.Daughter flies high in the sky for this Albuquerque Family Photography session.Family sandwiching their daughter in a big hug. Little boys mohawk glowing in the morning sun in ABQ. Proud big sister at Elena Gallegos Open Space in a beautiful floral dress.Proud daughter getting kisses from her parents. A mom and her kids at an Albuquerque Family Photography session.Mom and baby boy soaking up the smiles at this Albuquerque family photography session.A serious little boy getting love from mom and sister. Family of four on the trails at an Albuquerque Family Photography session.Beautiful couple in the Albuquerque foothills. Beautiful couple in the Albuquerque foothills. Walking along for a Family Photography session.


Family group hug on the trail.


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