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Family Session

All the way from Lubbock, Texas, the Mims family came to party in ABQ. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a bit nervous shooting a family of 21, but from grandma to the littlest dude, the Mimses were a blast to work with. This Albuquerque family photo session even had matching shoes – seriously, each family had their own style! – and a little bit of extracurricular swimming.

University of New Mexico Duck Pond, Albuquerque Family Photos

When the Mims family shows up, they come ready with coordinating styles, matching shoes, and the most accurate quote of the day from Ernie, “don’t worry, we’re a lot of fun.” Once we’d walked around the Duck Pond to the spot I’d picked out, it was already clear; shooting this family was going to be a joy. Even posing such a big group was no problem, just had to keep Grayson from web shooting in every shot. With Grandma Joyce at the heart of it all, it was awesome to get shots of her surrounded by the grandkids.

After getting the big group shots, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity for some matching shoe pictures. The Mimses were all so stoked that I needed to capture them up close. They were troopers about taking the first set of group pictures in the grass (thanks guys!), so we moved to the sidewalk for these.

After the kicks pics, the kids took charge, asking for some shots down by the fountains. I’m so glad we did since little Jacobi finally woke up to get some sleepy smiles in with his family. The pond offers so many different angles and backdrops. It felt like a whole new spot even though it was only 20 yards away. As we wrapped up, it was awesome to see the different families split up and explore the area. There’s awesome spots like the waterfall all around the shore of the pond.

I hope you enjoy these pictures of the Mims family! Please feel free to reach out if you’re interested in an Albuquerque family photo session. Whether your family is 21 strong or just the two of you, I’d love to capture your memories and share an awesome experience like this day with the Mims crew!

Full Family of 21 at the UNM Duck Pond.Albuquerque family photo session with some awesome matching kicks. Grandma with the grandkids at this Albuquerque family session. Full family of 21 at a beautiful Albuquerque family photo session. Little kids hamming it up at an Albuquerque family photo session at UNM. Grandma with the grandkids on a light and airy green backdrop.


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