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July 10, 2021

It’s alway sunny and beautiful in the high desert, right? Well, except when Shannon tries to schedule her Albuquerque engagement photos… then it’s windy, stormy, and gray! Despite having to reschedule their shoot, once and almost twice, this couple was super fun to work with. No complaints of being “awkward in front of the camera” could stop them from looking great in these sunset shots.

Albuquerque Engagement Photos | Elena Gallegos Open Space

When Shannon first reached out to me, I was so glad to be able to support some new arrivals to this beautiful city. Being a military family in a new town is never easy, but the community certainly helps! As we chatted more I could just tell how excited this couple was to be exploring the awesome trails and nature around town. They even scouted out Elena Gallegos before the first shoot weathered out to make sure they’d love their pictures there. Talk about committed clients!

Despite not being sure of the weather, we decided to give it a go on Tuesday night. From the start it was a blast shooting these two. They took the windy conditions in stride, laughing and enjoying the occasional hair swirling gust. A few times we thought the rain was rolling in, but they never looked worried. Thankfully the storm held off just long enough to get the beautiful sunset glow over the city.

While Shannon and Ryan were being awesome for the camera, I was working way harder than usual. Getting the right angle as the clouds moved was a brand new challenge. Almost every pose needed new settings or a new lens. It was a super fun process, being forced to use everything I’ve learned to keep the look just right.

I hope you enjoy these Albuquerque engagement photos! Don’t hesitate to reach out if you’re interested in a session of your own. Family, engagement, or whatever fits, I’d love to help you make some amazing memories. I can’t wait to hear from you!

Couple posing in front of the Sandias for an Albuquerque engagement photo session. Showing off her beautiful ring at this Albuquerque engagement photo session. The sunset through the storm putting a beautiful glow on this Albuquerque engagement photo session.


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  2. Cindy Brown says:

    Great location. And great outfits.
    I’m especially fond of the vertical near the end where she’s looking back at the camera.

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