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Darcy and I toasted to my new business with champagne in early June. A short time later, I offered her a margarita and she hesitated and then declined. Truth be told, I was immediately suspicious that she might be pregnant. I mean really, why else would she turn down a strawberry marg on a hot summer day!? She asked me a couple days later which doctor I saw when I was pregnant with my daughter, so of course I had to ask. She confirmed that she was indeed pregnant and found out the day I offered her that margarita! I am so excited for her family and was thrilled when she asked me to help with their pregnancy announcement.

Baby Boy #3 Pregnancy Announcement

Since the Seilers are huge Bama fans and are expecting their third baby boy, we decided to go with “adding another player to the team” as the announcement phrase. They all came dressed in their game day gear and despite how crazy Micah and Elliot can be, they sure turned on the charm for the camera. While Darcy and I put together the letter board, the boys ran around, played in the dirt, and looked at the water. We started with some updated photos of just the boys and then transitioned to baby announcement pictures.

The Pueblo Montaño Picnic Area was just about the perfect location. Great light: check. Easy walk for littles from the car: check. Beautiful trees and access to the water: check. So why wasn’t it perfect? The mosquitos! I hadn’t gotten a mosquito bite since we moved to ABQ three years ago. That’s pretty impressive for me considering I usually end up with a lot of them when I spend a considerable amount of time outside in the summer. Unfortunately, that changed on Friday night. After a few doses of Benadryl (and the naps that followed) and some hydrocortisone, I think I’m finally through the worst of my forty-one mosquito bites. Yes, FORTY-ONE. To say it was awful would be an understatement! Thankfully, the pictures turned out beautifully so we’ll just say I took one for the team.

I hope you enjoy a glimpse of this sweet soon-to-be family of five and will reach out if you’d like me to capture a pregnancy announcement for you. If you have any advice for a mama of three little boys, feel free to share that too. With as wild as the first two can be, I’ll be sending Darcy lots of calm thoughts and probably some wine too!

Pregnancy Announcement: Adding Another Player to the Team Husband and wife holding a letter board with a pregnancy announcement Soon-to-be big brother holds a letter board with a pregnancy announcement Big brothers holding letter board with pregnancy announcement Family photo pregnancy announcement


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