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Family Session

The Jarvis Family came all the way from Louisiana to experience the magic of Balloon Fiesta. Their trip wasn’t without hiccups – beginning with cancelled flights! – but that didn’t kill the vibe. This extended family of 17 came to our session ready to go after a long drive and some early mornings watching balloons. They wanted their session at a location that felt like Albuquerque, so Elena Gallegos Open Space was a natural choice. We met just as the sun peaked over the Sandias and captured their family in the soft, beautiful morning light. Seriously, when photographers talk about “good light”, this is what we’re talking about!

Extended Family Photo Session

We started the session with the most important shot: all 17 family members together. The kids did great to start, which was impressive since seven of them are under the age of seven! I had to call baby Fin’s name a couple of times to get him to look my way, but I expect nothing less from a less-than-one-year-old. After that shot, we moved on to smaller combinations including the “girl gang” with their grandparents, each individual family, and each set of siblings. Throughout the whole shoot, the parents rotated through Skittles-duty and the kids traded big smiles for a sweet treat. (I always encourage bribery when it comes to working with littles!)

I would be remiss if I didn’t complement the Jarvises on their perfectly coordinated outfits. It can be challenging to coordinate clothing for a small family – I’m speaking from experience here! – let alone a large one. They chose a beautiful color palette of creams, beiges, and blues, which perfectly aligns with my light and airy style. All the little girls had similar prints on their rompers, dresses, and skirts, but there was still enough variety among the whole family to not make the group look matchy-matchy. If you’re looking for inspiration on how to dress a large family, take a close look at the images below.

This session was my fourth extended family session to date and I must admit, I’ve enjoyed them far more than I thought I would! I have at least three more scheduled between now and then end of the year and am very much looking forward to the rest of them. In addition to the way that siblings interact with each other and their parents, I love seeing how cousins interact with cousins, grandparents with grandkids, and nieces and nephews with their aunts and uncles. Every family has a unique dynamic and I love being able to capture a piece of it. If you’re interested in having some time with your extended family captured through my lens, please reach out to me. I’d love to work together!

Extended family laughing at Elena Gallegos Open Space Little girls looking at a cactus at Elena Gallegos Open Space Grandparents with their six granddaughters at Elena Gallegos Open Space Parents hugging their daughters at Elena Gallegos Open Space Beautiful little girls posing at Elena Gallegos Open Space Parents posing with their daughters at Elena Gallegos Open Space Sisters smiling at Elena Gallegos Open Space Mom and brother snuggling babies at Elena Gallegos Open Space


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