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Family Session

This fall has been busier than I anticipated, but I have loved meeting so many new families. My time with the Keranens was no exception. We spent a beautiful morning together at Elena Gallegos Open Space for Albuquerque family photos. While we were prepared for chilly temperatures, it actually wasn’t too bad by the time we met. Oliver rocked his beanie and mittens for the first few shots but then was comfortable without them.

Albuquerque Family Photos

When preparing for a session, I always recommend that parents bring along a little something to help their kids smile. For some families, this is a treat (fruit snacks, Skittles, etc.). For others, it’s a toy. And for others, like the Keranens, it’s a stuffed animal. This family didn’t bring just any stuffed animal though. They brought Quackerflaps, Oliver’s mischievous stuffed duck billed platypus who is always up to something. When Ariel and Chris first told me about him, I couldn’t help but laugh at the name. (Honestly, I still think it’s the best name I’ve ever heard for a stuffed animal!) What really sold me on Quackerflaps though was how much he made Oliver smile. It was perfect.

Whether Quackerflaps was dancing around my head, popping out of my coat, or running away with my son, Oliver thought he was hilarious. I was able to capture such joy on his face in these moments which made for beautiful photos. This is exactly what I hope for when I ask parents to bring a little something for their kids to the session and was so happy to see it play out so nicely.

Even when Quackerflaps wasn’t causing trouble, we still had a wonderful time exploring in the foothills. Oliver loved running to give his parents hugs and looking at all the different plants. All in all, it was a perfect fall Albuquerque morning filled with big smiles and lots of laughs. It doesn’t get much better than that!

The leaves are falling and the temperatures are dropping, but it’s not too late if you’re still looking for some family photos for your Christmas cards! If you’re interested in working together, please reach out to me and let me know. We’ll find a perfect place for some Albuquerque family photos!

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