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Family Session

December 8, 2021

I’ve spent a lot of time this year capturing families and couples, so I was thrilled when Sophie reached out to me about a solo session. She wanted to gift some portraits to her parents for Christmas and was hoping we could capture her in her new city. We decided Juan Tabo Cabin was the perfect location and met there for some Albuquerque portrait photography.

Albuquerque Portrait Photography at Juan Tabo Cabin

Our session was on an unusually warm December day. I arrived bundled up and quickly realized that some of the layers weren’t necessary! Sophie was ready to go in light-colored pants and a beautiful aqua top. Her jacket was great for the start of the session, though she didn’t need it by the end. I’m probably biased because teal is my favorite color, but I loved the way her shirt photographed. It was flowy and the gorgeous morning light shined right through the sheer layer. Her outfit was tied together perfectly by her turquoise beaded statement earrings.

Since she loves to read, Sophie brought along a leather-bound Emerson work to include in some of her photographs. I love the way we were able to capture her doing one of her favorite things. The beauty of the mountains and stone cabin really made for some epic shots. I am also thrilled with the way her close-up shots turned out. I don’t typically spend much time shooting at a super low aperture (less than 2.0) when I’m photographing wiggly toddlers, so it was great to photograph someone who I knew would stay still! (This camera setting is what gives the blurry, creamy backgrounds that make portraits so beautiful.)

This session was a fun challenge and I’m so glad that Sophie asked me to capture this special gift for her. If you’re interested in other sessions at Juan Tabo Cabin, you can check some out here. Then, when you’re ready to book your own session, please feel free to reach out to me. I’d love to do an Albuquerque portrait photography session with you too!


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