How to Choose the Right Photographer for Your Family


Do you know how to choose the right photographer for your family? It can be harder than you might think! While pretty pictures are the ultimate goal, there’s a lot that goes into making them happen. If you’re looking for some insight on how to choose the right person for your family, this is the blog post for you! I’ve had a lot of practice with this since we’ve lived in three different states since my kids were born. Here’s a peak behind the scenes at what I look for when I’m choosing someone to document our family’s memories.

1. Personality

Some people may disagree with this being the most important factor, but hear me out! If I’m going to trust someone with my family’s memories, I want to be sure we mesh. Are my kids going to respond well to them? Will they understand and adapt to our family dynamic? Will they joke around with us to help bring out genuine smiles? If I don’t feel like we’ll get along well or if I get the sense that things might be stiff or awkward, I’m going to look elsewhere, even if they take beautiful photos. Stiff and awkward is not how I want to feel in my photos!

So, how do I get to know their personality before I’ve even met them? Social media is probably the easiest way. Looking through Facebook and Instagram and perusing websites gives me a pretty good idea of who the photographer is. If I can’t find much, I’ll continue my search.

2. Photography Style

After considering personality, I’ll look closely at their work. I prefer light and airy photos, so I’m not going to choose to work with a photographer who edits in a bolder, more contrasty style. (Nothing against this style, it’s just not my preference!) In addition to looking for light and airy photos, I’m looking for consistency. If I see in a portfolio that a single photographer has photos from different shoots that are edited very differently, I’m not too confident in what my photos will look like. However, if I see lots of different shoots edited in the same way, I can be pretty sure that my family’s photos will look similar. I’ve worked very hard as a photographer to develop a consistent style so that my clients know what to expect. I think this is incredibly important, so I’m looking for the same!

3. Package Options

Once I’ve found a few photographers that I think will be a good fit based on personality and editing style, I will compare packages. Some photographers offer unlimited digital images, while others offer a set number. Some include specific prints or a print credit, others handle all of that separately from the package price. I think about what I want as a mom for the particular session and compare the packages to my budget. As a photographer myself, I know the work that goes into the whole experience beyond the session itself, so I’m typically not price shopping or trying to cut corners unless there are two people who are incredibly similar. Otherwise, I’m going to choose the person whose packages align most with my needs, even if they’re more expensive.

4. What Others Are Saying

The last thing I look for is social proof. Sometimes I’ll see this when I’m trying to get to know the photographer’s personality, but I always look for reviews. Did a family similar to mine have good things to say? What are the general trends I notice in the reviews? If I’m looking for someone who will play games and have fun with my kids, do I see people mentioning that? Are there negative reviews that haven’t been addressed? This helps me get to know the photographer a little better and again make sure they’re a good fit for my family.


There you have it! Each time we move, I have the challenge of finding someone new to document the current season of life for my family. As a photographer, I take plenty of pictures of my own kids, but that means I’m not in as many of them as I’d like to be! Finding the right person is so important to me and I know it is for you too. Loving and serving my clients well is a huge part of my business, so if you think we’d be a good fit, please reach out to me for more information. If not, I hope these tips help you choose the right photographer to document your family’s memories!

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