Announcing Erin Thompson Photography Education!


Today is an exciting day!! As I hinted in my ETP birthday post, I have been working hard behind the scenes on something new. Today is the day I get to share it with you! As you may know, I began my career as a high school math teacher and had every intention of staying in a classroom for many years to come. But life is funny and my love for capturing beautiful moments through the lens of a camera led me down a different path. I’m still incredibly passionate about teaching though, so this is a perfect next step for me. Today, I am delighted to announce the expansion of my photography business to include Erin Thompson Photography Education!

Photography Education

Over the years, my passion for education has continued to grow alongside my photography business. In the last few months, I decided to test the waters by offering one-on-one mentoring sessions to a few select photographers. The joy I’ve experienced in helping them unlock their creative potential has been immeasurable. It is with this same passion that I have decided to take the next step and offer photography education on a broader scale.

Are you a mom yearning to capture precious memories of your children? Or an enthusiast looking to refine your skills? Or even a budding professional interested in starting a photography business? If so, you’re in the right place. I’m designing my educational offerings with you in mind.

So, what can you expect going forward? I’m glad you asked! Here’s a sneak peek:

  1. Free Educational Content: Photo Tip Tuesdays are taking on a new form! Instead of just sharing tips on social media, you can expect to see free content on my blog on a regular basis too.

  2. ETP Shop: PDF guides, templates, and more! Digital products that dive deeper into topics from blog posts is part of the the plan, so reach out if there is a topic you want a guide for!

  3. One-on-One Virtual Coaching: Is talking one-on-one with someone more your speed? Or are you in a unique circumstance that requires individual support? We can create a customized plan together to help you reach your goals.

  4. In-Person Training: If you’re local to me, I will also be offering opportunities to meet in person. We can talk business over coffee or bring our cameras and discuss how to shoot. Personalized training will be the focus, so we’ll chat ahead of time about how to make the most of it.

Going Forward

I am so, so excited to start this new chapter in my photography journey! If you’d like to be the first to know when new freebies, blogs and other offerings become available, sign up here and keep an eye on your inbox! Up first is a new blog series coming next week. We’re starting at the very beginning, so if you’re even remotely interested in photography, you’ll want to check it out.


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Getting ready for a PCS?

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more about me

I've been navigating military life with my family since 2008. In that time, I went from a full-time classroom teacher to an online course designer to a photographer. Actually, I still teach a little math on the side because I just love it too much!

Through it all, I've discovered how passionate I am about connecting with military families. Whether it's taking photos at a retirement ceremony, coaching a fellow milspouse photographer, or just grabbing coffee with a new squadron friend, I love this community. And as a teacher at heart, I'm excited to use this space to share what I've learned about business and life with you.


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