To Upgrade or Not to Upgrade: Camera Addition


As photographers, we’re always on the hunt for that next piece of gear, the one that promises to elevate our work. It’s tempting, isn’t it? The thought of a shiny new camera, with its promise of better image quality, more features, and improved performance. It can be hard to resist! But the big question is when is the right time to upgrade your camera and, conversely, when is it better to hold off? Let’s explore some common scenarios and I’ll share what I would do.

It’s Time to Upgrade Your Camera!

  1. Professional Demands: If you’ve transitioned from a hobbyist to a professional photographer, your gear requirements may change. The demands of your clients and the projects you undertake may require a camera with more robust features, durability, and backup options. For example, you might need better battery life or dual card slots. This is a good indication for upgrading.

  2. You’ve Outgrown Your Current Camera: If you find that your current camera is limiting your creative potential, it might be time for an upgrade. Perhaps it doesn’t handle low-light situations well (even with a flash), or it lacks the resolution needed for large prints. If your camera’s limitations are holding you back, something clearly has to change!

  3. Soft Images Due to Limited Auto-Focus Points: In some cases, cameras with a limited number of auto-focus points can struggle to consistently produce sharp images, especially in dynamic situations or when working with fast-moving subjects. If your camera’s auto-focus system is holding you back and causing soft images, upgrading to a camera with a more advanced auto-focus system can significantly improve your results. Note that this isn’t the only reason your images might be soft though, so be sure to rule out any other possibilities first!

  4. Technical Advancements: Technology evolves rapidly in the photography world. If there have been significant advancements in areas that directly impact your work, it might be worth considering an upgrade. For instance, if you’re a family photographer like me and a new camera offers improved auto-focus or faster burst shooting for chasing wild toddlers, it might be worth the investment.

Let’s Hold Off For Now

  1. The Latest & Greatest: I have to start with this one! It’s easy to fall into the trap of wanting the latest and greatest gear simply because it’s new. However, upgrading solely due to a desire for new toys can be costly and unnecessary. Take a step back and ask whether your current camera truly limits your photography or if you just want the latest gear.

  2. Not Booking Clients: If you’re experiencing a slowdown in client bookings, your camera isn’t necessarily the issue. In fact, more often than not, it’s due to something else. Instead of looking at gear, explore other factors, such as your marketing and client engagement strategies. Taking good pictures will only get you so far in business. There are so many other pivotal factors to consider!

  3. Unfulfilled Lens Capabilities: Sometimes, it’s not your camera but your choice of lenses that might be the bottleneck. Consider whether the limitations you’re facing, like the desire for more compression, softer bokeh, or the ability to shoot from different distances, could be addressed by investing in new lenses instead of an entire camera upgrade. Be careful about investing in new lenses that won’t grow with you though. If a new lens now won’t be compatible with a new camera down the road, maybe it isn’t the right move.

  4. Unfulfilled Camera Potential: Finally, before upgrading, be sure you’ve fully explored the potential of your current camera. Have you mastered all its features and settings? Sometimes, improved skills can compensate for a camera’s limitations. For example, if your concern is low-light performance, are you nailing your exposure in camera? This can eliminate the noise you see when you edit images that are underexposed. And what about flash? Sometimes a bit of fill light is all you need to brighten up your images.


Making the decision to upgrade your camera is a significant one and should be approached with careful consideration. As a huge Gilmore Girls fan, I’m always in favor of a good pro-con list! Identify your specific needs and how a new camera would address them. Consider your budget, the technical details that matter most to your work, and whether your current camera truly hampers your creativity. At the end of the day, a camera upgrade can enhance your photography, but it won’t replace your skills and experience. Your camera is a tool, but it’s your creativity that truly makes the magic happen.

Are you torn about whether or not you should upgrade? Hopefully this list helped, but I’m also happy to chat! Feel free to reach out if I can help or check out my shop if you think getting more comfortable with your settings is your solution for now. I can help with that!

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