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Hey milspouse photographer! There is such a large military presence in the San Diego area, so I’m thrilled to share another location guide with you. In this post, Jen Jordan Photography is sharing her experience capturing families and military events at MCAS Miramar and beyond. If you’re headed to this area, I hope you find this MCAS Miramar photography spotlight helpful!

What are your favorite locations for sessions? Briefly share about each.

Coronado Beach

Coronado is my all-time favorite beach at which to shoot. The sand dunes are always dotted with green plants, the sunsets are frequently jaw dropping, and the beach itself is pristine. It’s a great place to shoot regardless of the weather: if it’s overcast, you can face the famous Hotel Del Coronado, and if it’s sunny, there is always a stunning sunset.

Pregnant mama standing in front of a palm tree at Coronado Beach in Jen Jordan's MCAS Miramar photography spotlight
Coronado Beach, Jen Jordan Photography

La Jolla

This is the quintessential Southern California beach, and La Jolla is truly one of the most magical places in San Diego. The rocks and tidepools create gorgeous reflections, the sunsets are always magical and there is a bevy of backdrops. I’ve seen a lot of dolphins leaping in the water here, too!

Parents playing with their sons at La Jolla in Jen Jordan's MCAS Miramar photography spotlight
La Jolla, Jen Jordan Photography

Flight Line at MCAS Miramar or NAS North Island

My husband is a pilot so I have a special affinity for the flight line, but this is, by far, my favorite place to shoot in San Diego. When shooting west in both locations, you have beautiful sunsets and views of hills in the background.

Parents and their two small children in front of an Osprey in Jen Jordan's MCAS Miramar photography spotlight
Flight Line, Jen Jordan Photography

Balboa Park

This is the largest park in San Diego and has a ton of unique spots at which to shoot. A desert cactus garden gives desert vibes without driving to the desert, there’s a stunning rose garden nearby, and the beautiful Spanish-style buildings lend an urban vibe to any photo.

Couple standing amidst beautiful architecture in Balboa Park in Jen Jordan's MCAS Miramar photography spotlight
Balboa Park, Jen Jordan Photography

Scripps Ranch

This is a residential area in inland San Diego County but is home to a number of gorgeous parks and plant life. There are a ton of eucalyptus trees whose white trunks give off a beautiful glow during golden hour, and chapparal and other desert plants give way to a stunning sunsets.

Girl holding a 16 balloon in Scripps Ranch in Jen Jordan's MCAS Miramar photography spotlight
Scripps Ranch, Jen Jordan Photography

Are there any particularly busy seasons for photographers in this area? Any events an incoming photographer should know about?

San Diego is a huge tourist destination, so shooting around holidays, summer and spring break can be a big challenge. Particularly in the more tourist-heavy destinations like Coronado, Balboa Park and La Jolla, parking and crowds can be a big challenge during tourist-heavy times.

What should an incoming photographer know about permits in this area?

I’ve never had to get a permit to shoot anywhere! There are a ton of public parks and public areas that make great backdrops. If you do plan to shoot on any of the bases – particularly Pendleton – be mindful of active ranges.

What is the biggest piece of advice you’d give to an incoming photographer?

If you have it, use base access to your advantage! Camp Pendleton is one of the most beautiful areas in San Diego, and there are so many locations that make great backdrops. Breakers Beach on Naval Base Coronado is a stunning – and empty! – beach that’s a great option during busy months.

If you plan to shoot at a beach, check out tide charts beforehand; depending on the tide, a beach can look totally different during a specific season or time of day.

From the end of April to the end of June, we typically have overcast skies – May Gray and June Gloom – in the mornings and evenings on the coast, so you may not have glowy photos during golden hour. During that time of year, I typically shoot a bit earlier in the evening – about 90 minutes before sunset – and love the even color cast and lighting, but have to remind my clients that we won’t have a sunset if we’re at the beach.

There are always folks looking for photographers with experience in homecoming or military ceremony photography so if you’re interested in that, post in the local military spouse Facebook groups and offer discounted photos in exchange for a review.

Any other local expertise you’d like to share?

The military spouse photographer community in San Diego is very friendly and always open to helping one another. Reach out and make a connection; so many of my clients are referrals from local photographers who’ve PCSed, and so many of us are willing to help each other out!

Where can other milspouse photographers connect with you?


Are you a milspouse photographer interested in contributing? I’d love to have your insight! Please send me an email at and I’ll be in touch with the details!

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