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Hey there! If you’re a milspouse photographer, I have another exciting location guide for you! If your family is headed to USAG Wiesbaden, get ready for some EPIC locations! Lynde Komar of Lynde Elise Photography is sharing her experience running her business there and just wait until you see some of your options. I’m so grateful that Lynde was willing to share her insight and hope you enjoy this Wiesbaden, Germany photography spotlight.

What are your top three favorite locations for sessions? Briefly share about each.

Hoccheim Am Main

This is the perfect town that emulates Germany. From traditional timber colorful homes to a church surrounded by a vineyard that overlooks part of the Rhine River, you cannot go wrong with this quaint town located just minutes from Wiesbaden. There are a couple parking garages that charge euro by the hour. Additionally, there are street parking options as well that are free for 2 hours. Just look for the allowed parking signs.

SchlossPark Biebrich

This is an enchanting Palace from the Baroque era dating back to 1702, built by Prince Georg August Samuel of Nassau-Idstein. You are bound to capture endless possibilities here. The Palace is situated on the Rhine River in a beautiful large park. Mosburg Ruins, which dates back to the 13th Century, sits at the opposite end, approximately 1 mile away. It was a Nassau count’s castle house with a moat that circled the small castle. The ruin sits at the top of a small hill that overlooks a beautiful pond. You will likely encounter many Egyptian Geese here. Street parking lines the park on both sides. There is no fee.

Burg Eltz

A 12th century medieval castle. This castle is a bucket list location for many families in the area and actually inspired Walt Disney himself, giving him inspiration for Cinderella. It is located just under 2 hours away from Wiesbaden, but is an easy day trip. It is best to photograph here early in the mornings. The castle is not open year round and you are only allowed to photograph the outside portions. That said, it definitely fulfills the “ultimate castle family photo” checklist.

There are a couple parking lots here. It is 4 euros to park here during the open season and free when the castle is closed for the season. I highly recommend the shuttle if you do go during the open season as it is very steep and a rough trek back up to the parking lot on the foot path. It is 2 euros for the shuttle each way. Also note there are no restrooms to use here if the castle is closed.

Image of Burg Eltz on a foggy day in Lynde Elise Photography's Wiesbaden, Germany photography spotlight
Burg Eltz, Lynde Elise Photography

Are there any particularly busy seasons for photographers in this area? Any events an incoming photographer should know about?

Germany is pretty steady with clients year round. January-March are typically very cold, so studio sessions are popular during this time. November & December have a huge demand for Christmas Markets, so you will be as busy as you allow yourself to be for these. Wiesbaden’s Market happens to be listed as the top 5 in all of Germany and is AMAZING for photos. Regardless of the day, nighttime at the markets will be packed. If you are able to shoot right when the market opens, it will save you a lot of time in Photoshop. Most markets open up towards the end of November.

What should an incoming photographer know about permits in this area?

You are not allowed to work as a photographer while stationed at USAG Wiesbaden until you are an HBB (Home Based Business), meaning you are approved to work in Germany by both the Garrison of USAG Wiesbaden and Germany itself. This is a lengthy process and requires a lot of paperwork and a decent amount of money to start your business. It is within your best interest to contact USAG Wiesbaden ACS as they will guide you through the HBB process. Most HBBs have hired German tax attorneys to help handle everything on the German side that is required to open a business here. Most importantly, do NOT take any “donations” while you are in the waiting period. If you are turned in, it will cause a lot of headaches and you risk the chance of being denied to work all together.

What is the biggest piece of advice you’d give to an incoming photographer?

Learn all of the rules that Germany has for photographers. The list is long. You will need to understand that Germans take privacy very seriously. It is always best to research if a photography fee is needed before you start any sessions. Some locations also do not allow for you to photograph for commercial use. When in doubt, contact another photographer who has been here a while and ask.

Also, realize restrooms will be few and far between when you go to locations. Most restaurants will not allow anyone to use them unless you are dining. I recommend downloading the “flush” app as it shows you areas that allow you to pay to use the restroom. This is very good to know when you are photographing families with little ones.

Any other local expertise you’d like to share?

This is a dream location for a photographer. Indulge in the culture and enjoy all the sites Germany has to offer. I would also encourage free model calls while you are in the HBB process so you have up to date images with locations you plan to begin shooting at. The Facebook pages do not give you very much advertising privileges, so word of mouth is going to help you out the most here with clients.

Where can other milspouse photographers connect with you?


Are you a milspouse photographer interested in contributing? I’d love to have your insight! Please send me an email at and I’ll be in touch with the details!

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