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Hey friend! If you are moving your photography business to Warner Robins AFB, you need to read this post by Victoria Mendoza Photography. She was stationed here for over six years and has so much helpful information to share. Plus, she is so sweet and I know would be happy to answer any follow up questions you have. I hope you enjoy this Warner Robins, GA Photography Spotlight!

What are your top three favorite locations for sessions? Briefly share about each.

Flat Creek Public Fishing Area, Perry

A versatile, beautiful, and peaceful location, this is my favorite spot for family sessions. There is plenty of room for children to roam around and several different locations within here, which adds variety to your photos. You will often run into other photographers here. Also, as it is a fishing area, be mindful of the bugs. You may even occasionally see a snake too – only saw one once in three years though!

This location is perfect year round. The colors change with the seasons and the dock/lake is a nice change from the trees/grass in Middle Georgia.

Expectant parents standing in an open field in Victoria Mendoza Photography's Warner Robins, GA photography spotlight
Flat Creek Public Fishing Area, Victoria Mendoza Photography

Arena Acres

A small flower farm that is open during the summer, Arena Acres is a beautiful spot for sunset photos. Samantha, the owner, is the sweetest person! Her fee is $25 for 30 minutes and $50 for 1 hour.

Parents kissing their newborn baby girl at Arena Acres in Victoria Mendoza Photography's Warner Robins, GA photography spotlight
Arena Acres, Victoria Mendoza Photography

Wesleyan University, Macon

If you’re open to driving a little bit, Wesleyan is a university that many photographers frequent for its beautiful campus. Several spots around the campus make for great backdrops, but my favorite is the open field. The upper portion of the university also has a lawn with a beautiful building for a background. In the spring, several of the cherry blossom trees around campus are blooming. They actually have a website with a cherry blossom cam so you can see them. This is helpful if you want to take photos on campus when they’re blooming – it’ll save you the drive!

Parents sitting in an open field with their baby at Wesleyan University in Victoria Mendoza Photography's Warner Robins, GA photography spotlight
Wesleyan University, Victoria Mendoza Photography

Are there any particularly busy seasons for photographers in this area? Any events an incoming photographer should know about?

People here love seasonal minis! Cotton field sessions are popular in the fall, Christmas tree farm (Roberts Christmas Tree farm in Byron) photos in the winter, Japanese Magnolia or Cherry blossom photos in the spring, and sunflower minis in the summer.

A few specific notes about these:

  • If you want to do cotton field sessions, you’ll have to find a field that will allow you access.
  • Roberts Christmas Tree Farm in Byron allows photographers (he charges a reasonable day fee).
  • Coleman Hill Park in Macon has the most beautiful blooms! They typically bloom around January/February, though this is dependent on the weather. The warmer it is, the faster they bloom. They last about 7-10 days once they’ve bloomed with a maximum of two weeks.
  • Cherry blossom trees tend to bloom later in Macon. Downtown has several of them, you just have to drive around looking for them. Coleman Hill is a safer bet and they still give off the pink hue people are looking for. Many actually think those are cherry blossoms!
  • Peach bloom minis are also something a few photographers do, you’ll just need permission to use a private field for these as well.

What should an incoming photographer know about permits in this area?

No places require permits, although some locations (Massee Lane Gardens, Hay House, Roberts Christmas Tree Farm, Arena Acres) do have fees to photograph.

What is the biggest piece of advice you’d give to an incoming photographer?

There are a lot of photographers here, but don’t be intimidated. You’ll find everyone has their niche! It is harder to be a high-end photographer here, so if that’s you, I encourage you to focus on your SEO and consider broadening your audience to the Macon area, in addition to Warner Robins.

If you’ve never photographed in the South, everything is green in this area until around the end of October/beginning of November. When people ask you for “fall colors”, November is it! The sun sets close to 9pm during the summer, so golden hour sessions are much later in the evening. Middle Georgia is very big on community and your connections with people are everything!

Any other local expertise you’d like to share?

It can be hard to find unique spots, but be open to different spots when you need some variety. Downtown Perry and downtown Macon are cute if you want to switch it up. Don’t be afraid to ask someone with a nice property if they’re open to having you photograph too! A lot of places don’t utilize websites/social media well so the only way you’ll find out if they’ll let you photograph there is to ask. That’s how I was able to use a private garden two summers in a row (she has since stopped gardening or I’d pass that on!).

If you work on your SEO, you will see results. Because it’s a smaller town, most photographers here do not. Instead, they use social media, Facebook groups or word of mouth. But the investment in time that you make working on your SEO will pay off.

Where can other milspouse photographers connect with you?


Are you a milspouse photographer interested in contributing? I’d love to have your insight! Please send me an email at and I’ll be in touch with the details!

If you enjoyed this Warner Robins, GA photography spotlight, be sure to check out other featured location guides and tips for moving your business!


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