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Family Session

November 12, 2021

I’m so excited to share another session from Juan Tabo Cabin! While I’ve done quite a few sessions there recently, I’d never shot there in the evening before. This presented a new challenge for me, but one I was excited to tackle. Since I always shoot with my clients’ backs to the sun, everything was backwards! We were able to get some foothills in the background as opposed to the Sandias, as well as a beautiful sunset. It was a perfect evening for some New Mexico family photography!

New Mexico Family Photo Session

It was an absolute pleasure to work with the Heavner Family again. I got to capture Shayla’s fifth pregnancy back in July and met her family then. As you can imagine, I was so excited when she reached out again and asked me to capture family photos for their Christmas cards. I knew it would be fun to see the whole crew again, but I was extra excited to meet Charlie! She’s a big 3-month-old now and was such a champ during the session. Shayla brought a basket for Charlie to lay in to match some of Shayla’s own baby pictures. Those shots of Charlie are some of my favorites and I love the sentimental value behind them. Plus, I was even able to use my diffuser for the first time, which was definitely a professional win for me!

In addition to capturing sweet baby Charlie, I loved observing the dynamic of the rest of the family. Rylee is a wonderful biggest sister, always keeping an eye on the little ones and making sure they’re being safe. Abbi plays a similar role, though she seemed to enjoy running around with the littles as well. Alden was an absolute bundle of energy and such a ham. His big smile and cute curls had me cheesin’ all night! Rhys was a little more reserved – probably because he was tired – but he also enjoyed exploring with his brother. He had a cute smile too, but I also wasn’t mad about the big brown eyes and tired, pouty face he gave me when we first arrived!

Jeremy and Shayla have a beautiful family and I’m so honored that they’ve trusted me to capture it not once, but twice now. If you’re interested in having some fun and updating your family photos, please let me know so we can set up a New Mexico family photography session. I would love to work with you too!

Siblings smile during a New Mexico family photography session Dad and his boys smile during a New Mexico family photography session Family of seven laughs during a New Mexico family photography session Mom and her three daughters smile during a New Mexico family photography session


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