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One of my favorite parts of being a family photographer is that I get to show up and serve families during whatever season of life they’re in. Sometimes it’s for a boy mama who is always trying to keep up with her with wild ones. Other times it’s for a family with more curious and reserved kids. And sometimes, one of my favorite times, it’s for a family that just welcomed a new baby into their lives. The newborn days are as beautiful as they are fleeting, so it’s an honor to join clients in their homes to document this season. Most recently, I did this with the Kennedy family and it was a wonderful NOVA lifestyle newborn session.

The Kennedy’s NOVA Lifestyle Newborn Session

From the moment I walked in the door, I knew this session was going to be a great one. Mark and Dana looked perfect. Ava was sleepy. Chip, their pup, was as ready as we could ask him to be. Their home was already decorated for Christmas with the tree positioned in a corner between two windows. While we decided to start in the nursery, I knew we’d have great light when we circled back to the tree.

Speaking of the nursery, Ava’s looked like it was straight out of a magazine! She has a beautiful light pink room with a stunning floral accent wall. The colors perfectly complemented my light and airy style and made shooting indoors a breeze. We started with some full family shots and then transitioned to individual shots of Ava with each parent. Then, her mom changed her into a frilly pink dress that she received as a gift. Throughout all of this, Ava just slept the morning away. She was not at all phased by being passed around or having to change outfits. She was such a champ!

After documenting this sweet new family of three in the nursery, we headed down to the Christmas tree. Ava continued to snooze as we took portraits in the bassinet that has been passed down multiple generations on her dad’s side of the family. It was a sentimental way to end our time together.

There are few things I adore more than Christmas and newborns, so I loved getting to capture another new family during this holiday season. If you are interested in a NOVA lifestyle newborn session, please reach out to me. I’d love to serve your family too!

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