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Family Session

April 10, 2023

A few days before the Buccis were supposed to get their photos taken, their photographer, Sarah Schmidt, broke her ankle. She was looking for help covering this session, so I offered to assist. A family of four with two playful and curious boys? Count me in! We decided to meet at the beautiful Green Spring Gardens for some Virginia family photos.

Virginia Family Photos at Green Spring Gardens

Nataleeja and her family arrived on a perfect spring evening. It was golden hour and there were lots of flowers blooming at the garden. We started with a few family pictures and then I quickly realized that the boys wanted to explore. Not wanting them to resist my presence, I opted to follow their lead. We found some beautiful purple flowers, a few yellow ones too, and Roman’s favorite… rocks! He bounced from one rock to the next, holding them in his hands, raising them in the air, and pretending they were a phone. Some of my favorite shots of him have huge smiles all because of the rocks he was holding.

While Roman was chasing rocks, Luca was happy to play games with his parents. He spun in the gazebo with his dad and played hide-and-seek behind the flowers with his mom. When it was time to move to a new spot, he was thrilled to sprint across the field with his little brother following behind. This session as a whole was just so playful and I’m in love with the genuine smiles we captured by letting the boys be boys.

Green Spring Gardens is a wonderful place to shoot and I have a permit that’s good for the entire year there. If you’re interested in scheduling a session among the beautiful blooms, please let me know. In the meantime, send some love to Sarah as she recovers from surgery!

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  1. Lauren says:

    Wow. And Wow. These are gorgeous. It almost looks like they were taken at sunrise, too. 😄

  2. […] Virginia Family Photos | Green Spring Gardens | The Buccis […]

  3. […] Virginia Family Photos | Green Spring Gardens | The Buccis […]

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