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June 26, 2023

As a military event photographer, I had the privilege of capturing a momentous occasion—the Navy retirement ceremony of Lt Ivie Hicks. Set against the backdrop of the esteemed National Museum of the US Navy in Washington DC, this celebration marked the culmination of Ivie’s remarkable 20-year career. It was a beautiful ceremony filled with heartfelt moments and the beginning of a new chapter for this Navy family.

Lt Hicks’ Navy Retirement Ceremony

The museum was filled with anticipation and pride as family, friends, and colleagues gathered to honor Ivie. Among the highlights of the ceremony were the emotional moments shared between Lt Hicks and his parents. Despite a 20-year career, this was the first time they saw their son in uniform. After the Olde Glory Flag Ceremony, Ivie presented his mother with a flag, which symbolized the sacrifice and dedication of their family throughout his career. The support and love extended beyond his parents though, as Ivie’s wife, daughters, and extended family reveled in the celebration of this new chapter. Their presence was a testament to the resilience of military families, as they embraced the future with hope and excitement.

After the ceremony, Lt Hicks’ guests enjoyed a reception. Not only was there delicious food, but guests had the opportunity to explore the museum. This was a special opportunity because the museum is currently operating on a very limited schedule due to renovation. However, the exhibits that were available were well worth it. Though let’s be honest, the kids would have been thrilled with nothing but cannons!

Capturing the Navy retirement ceremony of Lt Hicks was an honor. As a military event photographer, I am deeply passionate about documenting these significant milestones. Even if they don’t seem like much now, I believe that having photos for future generations is so important. If you have a Navy retirement ceremony or any other military event coming up, I would be delighted to capture your special day. Please reach out and we’ll chat through the details.

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