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Family Session

July 13, 2023

Though scattered across the country, the Bodensteins reunited in Alexandria to celebrate Dad’s Air Force promotion. Despite unexpected challenges, we embraced the smokey ambiance of a Thursday morning, capturing this family with adult children in their current season. It was an Alexandria photography opportunity that I was glad to be part of.

Alexandria Photography at Jones Point Park

Originally scheduled for a serene Wednesday morning at Jones Point Park, a last-minute flight delay disrupted our timeline. Swiftly adapting, we rescheduled our session to the next morning at sunrise, just before I left town for a long weekend. Unfortunately, moving it to the next day meant that smoke from the Canadian wildfires had time to roll in.

Shooting in smoky conditions presented a unique challenge, requiring adjustments to my original plan. (Are you sensing a theme here!?) On a typical sunny morning, the Potomac River serves as a giant reflector, casting harsh light onto the faces of anyone looking at it. However, the smoke acted as a natural diffuser, providing a soft and even light. With this newfound lighting opportunity, I turned the family towards the river, allowing the bright and gentle light to shine on their faces. Although nothing compares to a glowy sunny day, I was thrilled with the soft light that surrounded us on this particular morning.

Capturing the Bodenstein family’s time together through Alexandria photography was a true delight. Despite the unexpected flight delay and the smokey conditions, their resilience and love for one another shone brightly. This session served as a reminder that even in the face of challenges, we can adapt and create beautiful memories.

If you’re looking for some Alexandria photography to capture your own treasured moments, I would be honored to be your photographer. Reach out to me today and let’s make it happen!

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