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Family Session

October 11, 2023

After agreeing to a trip back to Albuquerque, I immediately reached out to Shayla. I have loved documenting her family over the last two years and had a feeling they’d be interested in setting up a session while I was in town. Spoiler alert: they were! And as usual, they trusted me to choose the location. I always love shooting in the Bosque, so we agreed on Coors Bosque Trail for some fall family photos.

Albuquerque Fall Family Photos

After some mid-afternoon storms, we were pleasantly surprised by the beautiful fall evening. And not only surprised, but thankful too because I was leaving the next day and there was no time to reschedule! While walking from the parking lot, I immediately recognized a familiarity in each of the kids. Despite the fact that they’ve grown bigger, their personalities and the overall family dynamic hasn’t changed. Rylee was ready to help. Abbi was eager to climb on something. Alden was already running. Rhys was quietly exploring. And sweet little Charlie was a snuggly mama’s girl. The gang was all here and I was excited to capture their personalities once again.

We started with our typical posed family shots that every gallery needs, but my favorite moments are the in-between ones. The boys running together while the girls are posing for a shot. Or Rhys and Abbi climbing on rocks while we walk to a new spot. Even Alden putting an elephant on his head after I’ve taken his solo shot! These little details are the ones I’m sure their parents want to remember, despite them feeling a bit crazy at the time.

I’m so thankful for the Heavner family’s support and friendship over the years. Being given the opportunity to document a family over and over again is a true honor and I’m grateful that they’ve chosen me. If you are interested in having me capture fall family photos for your crew as well, please reach out and let’s get something scheduled!

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