Virginia Newborn Session | Burke, VA | The Wilbur Family

Parents and three sons smiling during Virginia newborn session

The Wilbur family recently welcomed baby Matthew and to say they’re smitten would be an understatement. As the third boy in the family, Matthew is already so loved by his parents and big brothers. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with this sweet fam and am so happy to share this beautiful Virginia newborn session with you.

The Wilbur’s Virginia Newborn Session

Raissa reached out in May about her October due date, so we got their family scheduled before the craziness of fall family photos hit. When she mentioned she had two boys and was expecting a third, I was prepared for high energy, lots of games, and honestly, a bit of chaos. After all, I’m one of four kids and grew up with three brothers, so let’s just say I have a bit of experience with how brothers often interact with each other. (Love you guys! 😉) That said, I could not have been more wrong about the Wilburs.

When I arrived at their home, everyone was calm. The whole family was dressed beautifully. Matthew was awake and happy. Big brothers Daniel and Isaac were just holding his hands and looking down at him. I was honestly taken aback by how peaceful it was! And as we started rotating through different combinations for pictures, that never changed. Even as Matthew fussed a bit, his big brothers were calm and attentive to his needs. Plus, they were kind and conversational as well. We chatted as Matthew drifted to sleep and then moved to the backyard for some more playful shots. From the boys assembling perfectly as Dad said, “totem pole!” to Dad tossing them in the air, it was a joy to see this family having so much fun together.

Newborn sessions are some of my favorites, especially when I get to meet families like the Wilburs. If you’d like me to capture moments like these for your family too, please reach out!

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