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Family Session

December 1, 2023

Amidst the chilly morning breeze at Green Spring Gardens, I had the privilege of photographing the Fritschen family. This family is a friend of a friend of a friend (so many friends!) and I once again have the military to thank for our connection. Knowing a bit of their background, I was honored to plan a Green Spring Gardens family session for them. Here’s a glimpse into the beautiful morning we shared together.

A Family Session at Green Spring Gardens

Undeterred by the chilly weather, the Fritschen family arrived with grandparents in tow. I knew we would need to work quickly because of the cold, so we started right away with all the staple shots. After a few minutes with great cooperation, Arlo and Lulu started to get cold, so we took a little break to warm up. Arlo was very interested in the historic house, so we wrapped the kids in blankets and walked to the shaded side of the house.

Much to Arlo’s surprise, someone left a toy truck on the porch! The genuine joy this random little truck brought him was priceless. Between the truck, some crackers, and airplanes flying overhead, Arlo and Lulu were distracted from the cold. I took this opportunity to get some sitting family shots. These portraits of Dani and Joe playing with their kids are my favorites from the day.

As the morning unfolded at Green Spring Gardens, it was clear that the Fritschen family cherished every moment together. Even when the cold made the kiddos a bit grumpy, Dani and Joe worked together with patience and love to comfort their little ones. It was a joy to meet them and document this season for their beautiful family.

If you’re ready to update your family portraits and want to have some fun too, please reach out to me. I would love to connect with your family and share this season with you.

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