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April 10, 2022

After a cross-country move, the Leach family was ready for some updated family photos! They had only been in New Mexico for a few short weeks before reaching out to me. It was fun to hear about their life in the Air Force and show them one of our favorite trails in the foothills. We met on a chilly morning at Elena Gallegos Open Space and captured some ABQ spring photos!

ABQ Spring Photos at Elena Gallegos Open Space

Despite the cooler temperature, this family came ready to go. Lea had her fam dressed beautifully, though I think Jessa was a bit jealous of Josiah’s warm sweater. Speaking from experience, jean jackets are cuter than they are functional! For as cute as the kids looked though, they acted even sweeter! Maybe it’s because one of my kids is a hugger and the other is very much not, but it was adorable to see these two interact. They were happy to wrap up in an extra blanket together when I was taking pictures of their parents and then were thrilled to take hugging pictures too. They ran toward each other with open arms and Jessa jumped right up onto Josiah. It was so, so cute!

I loved capturing ABQ spring photos for this sweet family and am excited for them as they start their adventure in Albuquerque. As our time here comes to a close and we look forward to our next assignment, it’s been fun to think about all the great memories we’ve made here. If you’d like me to capture some memories for your family, please reach out soon. I’d love to serve your family before we move!

I love these mother-daughter shots! 😍

The best little buds! 🥰

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