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Family Session

April 20, 2022

Dani reached out to me last fall about family pictures around the holidays. I was so bummed to have to decline because of our travel plans. However, things changed on her end too and she didn’t get the chance to do photos with her parents, so we were able to schedule some spring photos instead! I’m so glad this worked out, as it was great to connect with these Montana friends again! Dani’s parents were in town for Easter, so we met for some ABQ adult family photos in the Bosque. It was a perfect spring evening!

ABQ Adult Family Photos in the Bosque

As I was driving to our session, I was so excited to see all the green. Spring colors are everywhere in town! Truth be told, I was a little disappointed to find leafless trees when I arrived at Coors Bosque Trail. I had hoped that there would be some signs of spring there too, but unfortunately that wasn’t the case. That’s okay though because there was still some great light. I did a quick lap of the trail to find a good spot for us to shoot and decided on two places.

We started in an open field with big trees behind the family. Since there weren’t any leaves, I used some of the branches to block the sun so we got a beautiful glowy background. We took lots of combinations here and then headed down to the river. It was a gorgeous evening down by the water. The sky was clear, the water was calm, and the mountains were glowing in the sun. We enjoyed the beautiful scenery, shared some laughs, and captured some memories for Dani, Chris, Terry, and Ronda.

While I typically photograph families with young children, it was a fun change of pace to photograph a group of adults. Sure, we played fewer games, but it was nice a go at a slower pace and have more time to adjust my settings and compose photos. I don’t plan on giving up on toddlers any time soon, but it was still fun to add ABQ adult family photos to the mix! If you’re interested in doing a session like this together, please reach out.

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