AI for Photographers | An Introduction

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November 14, 2023

Today marks the beginning of an exciting new blog series, AI for Photographers. Now, let’s be clear on one thing from the start. I am no tech expert. I don’t know the intricacies of how all these tools work behind the scenes. If that’s what you’re looking for, you’re in the wrong place. However, I’m an educator and a photographer. I love breaking down confusing topics for my students and helping them make sense of them. (I am a math teacher after all!) That’s my goal here. I have seen the fear, confusion and pure overwhelm in our industry around this topic and I want to help make it better. Implementing AI tools in my own business has been so beneficial and I know it can be for you too. So, buckle up because we’re diving into the world of artificial intelligence!

Understanding AI for Photographers

At its core, the term artificial intelligence refers to digital systems that are capable of performing tasks that traditionally required human intelligence. These systems are different from traditional computers in that they learn their behavior based on feedback provided to them rather than just their code. This allows them to recognize patterns and utilize that recognition to generate human-style responses. If you want to run your cost of doing business to help you adjust your package prices, use a traditional computer program like Excel. However, if you want some ideas for blog posts to write that will help your clients prepare for a session, an AI tool like ChatGPT can help.

Why AI Matters for Photographers

If you’re running a photography business, AI tools can mean more efficient editing, streamlined workflows, and time saved on routine tasks that can then be used in other ways. For me, these tools have improved my client experience as my clients now get more personalized interaction from me and faster turnaround time on their galleries. (Plus a few other things, but I don’t want to spoil any surprises here in case a future client happens to be reading this! 😉) Whether you’ve been in business for years or are just getting started, there are AI programs that you can integrate into your workflow to improve both your day-to-day tasks and your overall client experience.

Programs to Try

Let’s get practical. Here are a few AI-powered programs that I currently use that I believe are worth checking out:

  1. ImagenAI: If you have a consistent editing style, ImagenAI can help you with baseline edits. The tool is trained on your own Lightroom patterns and differs from a preset in that it doesn’t apply the same edits to every image. Rather, it learns how you edit different kinds of images and makes slider adjustments accordingly. It’s both fast and incredibly affordable. If you’d like a free trial, you can use this link for an extra 500 free edits – 1500 total!

  2. Adobe AI Tools in Lightroom and Photoshop: Whether you’re ready to try ImagenAI or not, you can still utilize Adobe’s AI tools in Lightroom and Photoshop. AI Masking features in Lightroom allow you to select and adjust specific parts of an image (subject, background, people, etc.) without needing a brush. And when it comes to removing distractions, check out the content aware remove tool in Lightroom and generative fill tool in Photoshop. These features can be a game-changer, especially when you’re looking to fine-tune complex edits or experiment with creative enhancements.

  3. ChatGPT: Need ideas for blog posts? Maybe an email sequence for mini session bookings? Or how about some social media captions? ChatGPT can help! Play around with the tool and use it as a starting point. It will help get rid of writer’s block, but then you can refine its output to make it sound exactly like you. And the best part… it’s free!

Let’s Get Started!

Are you intrigued? Ready to get started? It can absolutely be overwhelming, so I recommend picking one tool to explore at a time. Play with it and keep in mind it’s all about finding the balance between efficiency and authenticity. While these tools can streamline your workflow, you don’t want them to do so at the cost of your personal touch. When used well, you can deliver an even better experience to your clients. On the other hand, if you just let AI do all the work, well, people will be able to tell… and it’s not a good look.

What’s Next?

Up next in AI for Photographers, we’ll be discussing best practices for using AI tools. Stay tuned for this incredibly important step that ensures the tools you choose are working for you to maximize efficiency. Want to be the first to know when it goes live? Sign up here for an email alert!

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