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When we learned that we’d be heading to Northern Virginia back in January, I planned to continue having sessions in Albuquerque through the end of June. I booked a newborn session for the last week of the month and thought that would be my final one. However, Darcy made a last minute request for a session while their extended family was in town. Despite the busyness of moving, I couldn’t say no. The Seilers are not only dear friends, but have been some of my most loyal supporters over the last year. I’ve done a handful of sessions for them and there’s no family I’d rather capture in my final session in Albuquerque. We went out on a high note as I transition to a NoVA family photographer!

My Last Session as an ABQ Family Photographer

We met for a session in the Bosque on the 4th of July. It had been sunny most of the day, but the clouds rolled in as we were driving to the session. In looking at the radar, I knew we were going to be dodging storms, so I got things going right away.

We started with the large group in the bright green trees. I’m still not used to shooting in so much greenery, but truth be told, I love it! We don’t get too much of it in the desert, but I’m looking forward to all the lush greens in Virginia. We did as many groupings with the kids in this location as we could, but the rocks and the water (and my kids!) were calling their names. So, we gave them a break and moved to some different combinations with the adults. It’s not often that Leona has both of her kids in the same place, so it was special to get some shots of her with Amber and Cody.

After wrapping up the group shots and some candids of baby Jesse, we walked towards Micah and Elliot. I found a beautiful clearing that I knew would be perfect for walking shots. We lined everyone up together and had them walk slowly toward the camera. Micah and Elliot enjoyed swinging and gave me great big smiles. It was the perfect ending to a fun session.

Darcy and Cody, thank you for being some of the best friends and biggest cheerleaders. I have loved every opportunity of capturing your sweet family. From the top of the Sandias to the mosquito-ridden Bosque to baby Jesse’s nursery, it’s been an honor to photograph your crew. We will miss you dearly, but I hope our paths cross for another session before those boys get too big!

So Long, Albuquerque

Well, that’s a wrap Albuquerque! I am now officially a NoVA family photographer and can’t wait to start exploring new locations. If you’re in Alexandria and would like to work together, please reach out! I’d love to serve your family.

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