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It’s time for grand finale of The Very Beginning series! We’ve spent the last six weeks exploring the fundamentals of beginner photography, from finding a good starter camera to the exposure triangle and white balance to the intricacies of shooting in manual mode. Today, we’re wrapping up this series with a summary of what we’ve covered.

The Beginner Photography Journey So Far

In our first post, we discussed good starter cameras. If you remember, there are some specific features that are important to look for, more so than a particular brand. Then we ventured into the world of aperture, learning how it controls depth of field and introduces bokeh. We explored the concept of shutter speed, understanding its role in freezing motion or introducing creative motion blur. Then, we looked at ISO and how it impacts exposure and image quality. In our final post on an individual setting, we delved into white balance and uncovered why I believe it’s best to shoot in Kelvin.

The Transition to Manual Mode

In the last post, I shared my own journey from overwhelmed beginner to confident professional photographer. I recommended utilizing aperture priority and shutter priority modes as a bridge between automatic and manual mode. These modes allow you to focus on one setting while the camera handles the others, helping you understand how they interact. Remember, this is a crucial step in the learning process. It helps you see patterns and trends in how the camera adjusts settings for proper exposure, building your confidence for the ultimate transition to full manual mode.

The Power of Manual Mode

In full manual mode, you have complete control over your camera settings. I shared a valuable lesson from my early days, emphasizing the importance of choosing the right setting as your priority based on the situation. It’s not always about that dreamy, blurry background; sometimes, it’s about freezing action or controlling exposure.

I also provided a workflow to guide you when shooting in manual mode, from setting your Kelvin for accurate colors to selecting the perfect aperture, minimizing ISO, and adjusting shutter speed for the ideal exposure. This systematic approach eliminates overwhelm and gives you a plan for what to change if your photo doesn’t come out quite right.

Your Beginner Photography Back-of-Camera Cheat Sheet

To make your journey even smoother, I’ve prepared a FREE back-of-camera cheat sheet that you can access. It’s a handy resource that condenses the key information from this series into a quick reference guide. Simply take a picture of it with your camera, and you’ll have my workflow right on the back of your camera for easy access during your photo sessions.

Mastering Manual Mode

Are you ready for more? If you’ve found this series helpful, then I highly recommend checking out Mastering Manual Mode, my comprehensive guide for getting out of auto once and for all. This guide goes deeper on everything we’ve covered in this series and includes just what you need to take creative control with your camera. I can’t wait to see how it elevates your work!

Thank You!

Thank you so much for joining me in The Very Beginning series! It was such a fun way for me to kick off ETP Education and I loved connecting with you early in your journey. I can’t wait to see how you applied what you learned! In the meantime, keep an eye out for something big coming next Tuesday!!

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